„Die Himmlische Schnitzeljagd“

The idea behind this installation is  threedimesional approach to twodimesional graphic. All of these charakters base up on a front sketch. I usually draw it by pencil, then create a vector out of it and give i a little shade for illustrating the depth of the charakter.
In the next step I draw the three perspective to shape some details.
These sketches are the base for shaping the charakter.
Here i created some of the charakters first and then developed the whole scene. Even The scene was made out of one frontal sketch.

In this Installation I created a an image of heaven. The clouds in the backgrond are made of PE-Foam and cut after vector graphcs with a „waterray cutter“(wasserstrahlschneider). This is also a kontrast to those heavy charakters. The foam is 100mm thick and is arranged in layers. By this simple arrangement and the combination of some smaller lights the image gains a lot of depth.

In this scene, some heavenly white animals ( Bat, Rabbit, Ape-like-thing, Rascal) try to hide in front of a huge diabolic black skorpion. The skorpion itself has no eyes or any other details: it`s just a black monster in this almost untouched world.
I refer to the simple thought that nothing can exist without the opposite of it. There is always  some black, in a white world. And no white can work without black. The white charakters have some „highlights“: the eyes, the nose and some other details create a focus to the expression of the charakter.